You’re being redirected

Today, being stopped.

There is a flow to things. Have you had plans for them to change because something happened that prevented you from moving forward? You wanted to do the work, but now you can’t for a reason that’s outside your control. It’s frustrating when you are stopped from your plans. However… when you are stopped from moving forward… it’s for a purpose. It’s not yours to figure out what for, you’ll be shown that. What you have to do is let go of your plans so you’ll be open for what you are really supposed to see or be doing. That’s the key when you are being stopped. AND don’t forget, to let go of those plans means that you’re not feeling bad in some way that you didn’t do what you had planned. That’s what being open is. That’s the real work, focus your attention there. You want to be in harmony with this energy. It’s like you swimming against high tide otherwise. When you do it, you show others how. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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