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Feeling Alone

Feeling Alone


It’s easy to feel alone in life, even when you’re around people. Loneliness isn’t about how many people love you or how busy your social calendar is. It’s about feeling heard, understood, respected…and yet, even if you have others you connect with on a deep level, you can still feel alone. Why is this?

Life is a solo journey. Only you know the workings of your own mind, who are you are deep within you. While others may try to understand you they will never fully know you, and that’s OK. We’re meant to take this journey as a soul among many. To look deep within ourselves to gain understanding of all that life can teach us and all we are meant to be.

We all have a path we’re on and lessons we’re meant to learn, but we also have other lives we’ll touch, influence and change . The solo part of your journey, the part that makes you feel alone, is the most important part of all. It’s what makes you, uniquely you. The great irony of life is that we as a collective of souls feel alone from time to time, and even though we all experience it, it’s a solo expression of who we are as a group of beings.

Your feelings, needs and desires are what make you a very special spark. Shine your light, share the love and when you feel lonely, know that you’re not alone in this feeling. I too feel the loneliness, and the love, and the wonder of life… it’s what makes us who we are.

Have a beautiful day