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About Us

We want to help you to thrive

We are all seeking answers, trying to find understanding and meaning in our lives. We often get caught up in the everyday process of living and forget to pay attention to the messages we are receiving all the time; to listen to the voice of our Soul and the calling we have to do the things that are our deepest desires. That calling is the life path that is meant for you. We’ll help you to realize what may be preventing you from achieving all that you desire. It may be due to experiences throughout this life or others, and we will uncover these obstacles to help you live your best life.

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I am a Healer. I am a Seer. I share God’s messages with you. These messages will change your life.

I experience a ‘knowing’ from information received from energy, emotions, and Spirit. These connections allow me to receive insight and understanding about people, places and things. I channel this information and share my practice with you.

There are helpers on this plane and in others, working to heal you, reminding you of what you’re here to do, and sometimes even, opening the way. Signs are real, but not so much about what is coming, but what is occurring now. We live in a world of many possibilities and it’s up to each one of us to find that world and gain understanding from it. If you have a certain nature, then certain aspects in you give you power, and also come with side-effects.

As you change your being-ness, the world reflects it.

Energy Reading

You’ll receive new understanding about your direction and purpose, your spiritual awakening, and fresh insights about your life, career, and relationships. I receive insight from Spirit and using my gifts, can feel where you are in comparison to where you want or need to be. I will share with you the messages you need so you can receive healing and clarity, and free yourself from those things keeping you from being happy, and purpose-filled. In your session, I use different modalities to best support your healing.

Working with your Energy Gifts

Showing a way to understand and work with your energy sensitivities, extra-sensory perception and empathic gifts. You’ll learn you can process the information you’re receiving without losing you in all that you’re feeling. I teach how to work with your gifts in the performance of your purpose and using the art of natural law.

When You Have Cancer

I use my energy gifts and listen to what Spirit has to say, to gain understanding as to what you are holding onto that needs to be released so you can heal fully. I will share with you how to work through your emotions and nourish your Soul.

Plant Allies

The energy of plants help create and sustain certain energies. When we live among them, consume them and share in their smoke, the plants invoke a special power and potency in healing. I use my plant allies like mint, juniper, rosemary, thyme, yucca and sage to bring support and soothing energy to our session.


I use the Tarot to help provide meaning to the events you are experiencing. The Tarot consist of archetypes, universally recognized and highly symbolic. The cards present the symbols and I use them to help show you what’s really going on.


I’m an Intuitive, Certified Health Coach and Healer.

From an early age I experienced a knowing about other people’s energy and situations. Over the years I came to realize that this wasn’t just a gut instinct, but was actually a gift that I could use to help others.

The world we live in is filled with endless opportunities for us to prosper, feel fulfilled and find joy. It is up to each of us to recognize our role in raising the energetic vibration of our family, community and world. We each play a part in the movement of this energy and the creation of positivity in our lives and the lives of others.

I will teach you how to recognize the messages that your guides are sharing with you all the time. When you create a personal practice of letting go to Spirit and learn to pay attention to the guidance that is all around you, you will fall into a rhythm that creates endless possibilities for you. It’s the art of practicing your practice every day.

Intuitive Guidance & Understanding

During your session with me, I will share the messages I receive for you to help you to see your path more clearly. I will help you to open up energetically and look at new ways of experiencing your life and how your emotions and actions affect all aspects of your being-ness.  I will share techniques you can use to recognize patterns and symbols that are being shared with you to help you to create a life filled with abundance and opportunity.

Health Coaching

I am a Certified Health Coach and I’m passionate about helping my clients to feel amazing both spirituality and physically. As we age our bodies change, but oftentimes our eating habits remain the same as when we were younger. I will share with you how to set achievable goals for your health. We’ll work together on how to change how you eat and what you eat, and you will gain understanding about nutrition, healthy lifestyle and the benefits of a real food diet.