Readings and Spiritual Life Coaching for clarity, direction and living your purpose.

My path is helping you to find and follow yours.

I do readings. 

I’m David, a psychic empath and intuitive, and I’m wired in a physical and meta-physical sense to be a conduit, or channel for Spirit. I am hyper-sensitive to feelings, emotion and energy, in addition to frequency and vibration.

This connection allows me to receive insight and understanding about people, places and things. I have a sense through the messages I receive from Spirit and the reading of energy flow; sometimes a knowing, sometimes I see pictures in my mind, and other times, it’s visions in advance of events.

The goal for this work is to raise consciousness, which reduces suffering. 

When you have a reading, a connection opens and your energy is cleared. From this space, you’re able to recognize and understand the events that you are experiencing.

Spiritual Life Coaching

The Harmony Project

We share our practice of spiritual growth and personal development with you. We help you discover your being-ness and then develop a plan to transform your life into the genuine expression of you. It’s lifestyle design for the spiritually-minded.

Client Experiences

  • My 90 day transformation with the both of you has been incredible. I feel on track, engaged and excited about the changes I’m seeing in myself and everything around me! I can’t wait to experience what’s next!

  • I always knew there was more to life, but I just wasn’t experiencing it. I was just maintaining this high performance level that I thought would make me happy, but all I was feeling was a big void from all the “success”. Working with you has been life changing. I am starting to experience how I can have more peace when I stop trying to fill the vacuum left by others.

    A. L.
  • I have been working with David for almost a year and it truly has been a life changing and eye opening experience. He and his wife Nancy, have changed my life around for the better. I would HIGHLY recommend David as he is incredibly wise and amazing.


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We offer 30 and 60 minute Sessions with David, and a 90 minute Session with David and Nancy together.