Personal Sessions

For Spiritual Growth, Healing and Self Development. I will help you to thrive in the 3rd Dimension.

“I am a psychic empath… an intuitive, teacher, guide, and energy worker… I experience an understanding thru energy I feel and I’m given messages and visions from Spirit, and I share with you so you’re guided toward healing and a path of personal growth.”
~ David


My 90 day transformation with the both of you has been incredible. I feel on track, engaged and excited about the changes I’m seeing in myself and everything around me! I can’t wait to experience what’s next!


I always knew there was more to life, but I just wasn’t experiencing it. I was just maintaining this high performance level that I thought would make me happy, but all I was feeling was a big void from all the “success”. Working with you has been life changing. I am starting to experience how I can have more peace when I stop trying to fill the vacuum left by others.

A. L.

I have been working with David for almost a year and it truly has been a life changing and eye opening experience. He and his wife Nancy, have changed my life around for the better. I would HIGHLY recommend David as he is incredibly wise and amazing. He will change your life for the better!


A 3 month immersive life coaching program with immediate results.

We work with you weekly to help you define your direction, clarify core principles, and outline steps so you can manifest a life where you thrive, and follow your spiritual path.

We help you to recognize and heal deep hurts that keep you from reaching your potential, and then we work with you on practical techniques to support your growth.

Understanding that everyone’s needs are different, what if you had a life-changing plan you knew you could actually accomplish in the next 3 months?

Info and Support

We are a husband and wife team who work with people in their transformation and awakening. We hope the information you find here helps you on your journey. Please check out our videos and subscribe on YouTube. If you need a recommendation for a book from our list, just send us an email via our contact form and we will send you a recommendation. Be well!