Inspiration, Connection and Healing

Every one of us has a life path, a series of lessons to learn in our lifetime. The distractions of everyday life can take us off track, leaving us feeling empty and wondering if there is more to life than the outside world we are so focused on.

Nancy shares daily practices that help you to live better right now, and opens you up to be more aware of how energy affects each of us consciously and unconsciously. It’s about finding and following your path so you can live a happy and fulfilled life, and share it with others.

Our mission at SoulFish is about awakening the connection to Spirit and healing the Soul.


Creating Your Daily Practice

Each one of us is on a unique spiritual journey, a path we take to gain greater understanding of our purpose;  to learn lessons and evolve our soul.  If you have experienced a spiritual awakening and are seeking to live a life with deeper connection it’s important to create a daily spiritual practice, to set aside time each day to nurture your soul and connect in… to listen to your God voice, to hear what you’re being told. It’s within all of us, given to all of us, but how you use it is up to you. 

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Inspiration & Messages

Inspirations and teachings to enhance your spiritual practice.

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  • Don’t Hold Back

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