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Don’t Hold Back

Don’t Hold Back


There’s a natural inclination to hold back when we’re put in vulnerable situations. This shows itself the most in love and relationships. We show restraint so that we don’t seem overly eager, more interested than someone else or most importantly, so we don’t get hurt or disappointed. When we hold back and knowingly or unknowingly tamp down our feelings and needs, we suppress the true essence of ourselves, our deep desires and what the soul cries out for, to be loved and needed, to feel connected to others.

Everyone wants to be seen, heard, loved and wanted, it’s innate in us. In order to have this, to really have it, you have to allow yourself to be vulnerable, to possibly give more than you’re getting, to share your true self with the hope of it being reciprocated.

The feeling that we need to protect ourselves is a natural defense mechanism, but it doesn’t serve us when it comes to personal relationships. Be willing to put it all out there, don’t hold back, and no matter the outcome you can know for sure that there will be no regrets about being truly honest with yourself and those you care deeply for. Ultimately, the single most important thing in life is our connection to others, and honest, deep connection is the most fulfilling. So love and give deeply and fully no matter the outcome. Being true to you is what’s most important.

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