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Ready for a Change

Ready for a Change


We’re in a period where the energy is moving quickly and things are changing rapidly. You may be experiencing this in your own life; your personal relationships, work, or even where and how you live.

This is a powerful time for change and new beginnings, to redefine who you are and who you want to be. So how can you identify where and how things are changing and what you can do to move yourself forward in a positive way?

Think about your personal life and what feels different to you. Your friends may be shifting, relationship dynamics could be feeling strained somehow, things just don’t feel the same. Trust in how you feel, this shift in relationships is a sign that you’re moving in another direction and you need to follow where that takes you. It doesn’t necessarily mean abandoning your current relationships, just reexamining them and placing more of your attention on new energy that’s feels more in alignment.

In your work life, you may no longer feel satisfied with the role you’re performing , or you feel like you don’t have the same passion or drive to do the work you used to enjoy doing, or didn’t mind doing. If you have that voice in your head telling you there must be more, or there’s a stirring feeling within you when you think about your career path or are at your job, pay closer attention to this.

Then think about where you live. Do you like your home environment? How does it make you feel to live in the space you’re in? Would you rather be somewhere else? The change you need may be as simple as painting some walls or moving some furniture, or it could mean moving across country, or even to another country.

YOU are the creator of your life experiences and you set the direction for where your life is taking you. Wonderful opportunities and new directions will be presented to you, but it’s up to you to recognize and respond to them. I’ve found the hardest part for most is taking the leap, feeling like you’re capable enough to do it and make these big choices for yourself to shift your life path is the challenge. But, here’s the important part. Everything you need is within in you, the world is a tremendously abundant place if you open yourself up to receive it.

Trust in what you feel deep within you, this is your intuition, your God voice. It is your guide on this journey you’re taking.

Have a beautiful day