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People who are religious will often say that they have faith. This usually means they have faith in God to help them through dark times, to help them when they struggle. Faith that all will be provided.

When I think about the word faith, I have those same feelings, that God is with me, that I am guided and protected. But faith also has other meanings to me. Faith is believing in myself and the abundance of the human experience. That the world is a beautiful place filled with opportunity, joy, and magical moments. I have faith that everything I need is within me and that if I listen, all will be provided to me. I will be told what I need to do.

Is this faith different from religious faith? I don’t think it is, because all faith taps into the creator, the life force, the great spirit. The end result of faith is abundance, if you release your worry and let go to it and trust in your faith fully. This will put you in a higher vibration if it is a place of peace for you, a place where you know that all will be as it should be. How that abundance is provided isn’t important, just know and trust that it will be.

Try to take some time to think about what you have faith in. What are your truths? What is guiding you through life? Focus your attention on where you put your attention and intention.

Have a beautiful day