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Underestimating Yourself

Underestimating Yourself


There are people who seem to be very confident in who they are and the decisions they make. They push themselves and move themselves forward every day. There are others who seem less certain of themselves and what they’re doing, and meander on life’s path, trying to find direction and where they’re going. Both of these types of people have self doubt and question their ability to find their happy place, to become who they long to be.

The invasive thoughts that cause us to underestimate ourselves are the loudest in our mind. This voice tell us all kinds of untruths. That we can’t do it, or that others are better than us. The truth is that we all have greatness within us, we all have the ability to thrive in a world full of challenges. You can be a seeker and a doer if you can push through the doubt and underestimating yourself.

You have gifts that others don’t, natural abilities and talents that make you unique and special. So when others tell you or make you feel like you aren’t good enough or can’t do the things you long to do, push it aside and trust in you. God doesn’t give abundance to a select few, it’s there for all to receive.

When I’m faced with big challenges or times when I question if I’m able to handle what’s being thrown at me, I repeat this mantra as I breathe deeply and release the uncertainty.

God is with me
God is all around me
God’s light shines through me
God’s love surrounds me

Everything you need is within you, love yourself fully, know yourself fully. Examine the greatness within you, know the pain within you. Love all of it, it has made you who you are and will move you to the joy you deserve. Don’t underestimate or undervalue all that you have to offer in this world, you are amazing. Shine your light.

Have a beautiful day