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Forgive Yourself

Forgive Yourself


Forgiveness is a challenging emotion because it’s not only forgiving others for what they’ve done to you, but forgiving yourself for allowing it to happen.

If you have a space within you where forgiveness hasn’t been realized and is unsettling to you, try sitting in a quiet space, take a few deep breaths in and out and repeat the following
I forgive you
I forgive myself
I release my pain and sadness
I allow new energy to flow through me
I am perfect as I am
All is in balance
All is as it should be

Then take it a step further. Say the things you forgive yourself for. You can say things like, I forgive myself for allowing me to be hurt. I forgive myself for not being stronger in moments of pain. I forgive myself for not being a better parent, friend, partner…

As you say these things picture them as small particles flowing out of your body, far away from you. Like ashes floating on the wind. Release these past hurts, let them be discharged from your body and soul.

Then finish by repeating

I release, I let go, I forgive
I release, I let go, I forgive

You’re amazing 🙂

Have a beautiful day