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Every year we make resolutions about changes we want to make and how we want to improve our life, and be a better person. When you wake up in the new year, you’re still the same you as you were, there’s no real difference in who you were the day or week before. The real change comes from putting action behind intention.

In order for life to feel fulfilling we need goals, things to aspire to, ways to measure who we are and how we’re doing in life. Many people use money as a measure of their life being successful, but the real measure of success in your life is joy and love.

How much joy do you feel every day? How often do you laugh and smile and feel good deep inside you? This is where the focus of your resolutions should lie, how to make yourself feel happier deep within you and how you can share this with others. New hobbies, eating healthier, taking trips and meditating daily are all things that can make you feel more alive. They are ways to soak up life, to become a part of the human experience.

When you make your resolutions, whether it’s the beginning of the year or several months down the road, consider what your soul cries out for. Think about what feeds that spark in you and moves you toward inner joy and the sharing of love, with yourself and with others.

Have a beautiful day