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Your practice isn’t about “taking it” until it’s over

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Your practice isn’t about “taking it” until it’s over

For many of us, the energy is thick, powerful and feels almost like an egg has been cracked on your head and you can feel the stuff going top down, spreading… at least it’s not wet (lol). So when the energy is like this, it acts to stir stuff up in you and at the same time, this expanding exterior layer acts like the shell of the egg, keeping your negative on the inside.

If you’re feeling it, then water will help to transmute some of this. Soak in a bath with some epsom salts or take a long shower. Put your feet into the grass or dirt. Use the water and earth elements to influence and change the strong air and fire forces that are abounding.

Your practice isn’t about “taking it” until it’s over. Sometimes I know it feels like that. But your practice is really about recognizing what is and then doing something yourself with yourself to shift the energy and how it affects you. You have this kind of power.

Btw, you’ve had multiple lives here and so this extra tweaking you’re feeling is the memory in your DNA of past events you witnessed and their energy signatures, which will manifest and become apparent in this lifetime soon. You are strong, remember that. Go to your practice which is a doorway to the other side. It’s a spirit, mind, body process here – when you focus on your soul, you’ll find the mind and body will snap into line. Don’t forget – your mind isn’t your consciousness in spite of what your told.

Go ahead and set your loving intentions now. Much love. 💖🙏

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