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Every one of us has a life path, a series of achievements we are meant to fulfill in our lifetime. The distractions of everyday life can take us off track, leaving us feeling empty and wondering if there is more to life than the outside world we are so focused on.

Our mission at SoulFish is about awakening the connection to Spirit and healing the Soul.

We share teachings that help you to live better right now. We talk about practical spirituality, how energy affects consciously and unconsciously, and finding and following your path.

We offer Daily Energy Readings so you know how to work with the day’s energy and Soulvids, where we share teachings and messages we’ve received from Spirit.

David is a psychic empath, and experiences a ‘knowing’ from information received from energy, emotions, and Spirit. These connections allow him to receive insight and understanding about people, places and things. Nancy is an intuitive healer who helps others to listen to their inner voice, and to channel their energy to manifest positive outcomes and to look at new ways of experiencing life. Click here to View our Services.

Spiritual and Emotional Support:
When You Have Cancer

Each person and their cancer are joined uniquely. It’s just as important to work on healing your spirit as it is your body. Through his current cancer healing and journey,  David has experienced the great awakening that cancer can usher in. A psychic energy reading with David will assist you to uncover circumstances and experiences that are important to your spirit-mind-body healing. 

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Inspiration & Messages

Inspirations and teachings to enhance your spiritual practice.

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