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You’ll start seeing it too

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You’ll start seeing it too

There is a process to growth. If you watch a plant, you’ll see that as parts become green and flower, other parts become brown and die off. We often forget that as we grow, we experience some die off in the process that can leave us looking worn and not ourselves. We look in the mirror and say, this is what I look like now?

When this happens, we forget about all the new growth because we’re distracted by what’s been used up and we lament that it’s gone. We tend to think of ourselves as a piece of what we were – something less. And yet, we’ve just mistaken what we don’t need anymore as something we still do.

What if we looked at the changes we experience as transmutation instead of loss?

What if you’re more than what you were – it’s just that some things can be seen and some things can’t from the outside. What if you thought of your marks and scars in a friendly or proud way? You are much more than what you started with. You are much more that what you think of yourself. Start telling yourself that instead, and you’ll start seeing it too. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love 💖🙏

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