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You’ll be clean and ready to wear

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You’ll be clean and ready to wear

Today, like laundry in the sun.

There are moments in the day when it is super clear that you can either go to the positive side of things or to the negative. We have that awareness that we can just drop it and focus on other things, or we know, that if we continue… we’re just going to ride that energy down and that will affect the rest of our day. If you one of those challenged with this right now, you’ve run out of options… there are only two left – the sooner you choose the sooner the negative uncertainty stops. This is the Universe helping to guide you. It’s the last squeezing on you, and the Universe is ringing you out, so when the washing you is done and you’re left to warm in the sun, you’ll be clean and ready to wear. You can have it much better if you don’t remember where the stain used to be. It’s gone now. Stop looking to see if you can still see it. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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