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You will also be empowered

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You will also be empowered

Today, see if you can help.

When a small voice enters your mind to remind of you of something you didn’t like about someone or something they said… that’s the time to stop the beginnings of your triggers. I’m talking about the times when there is nothing negative happening, no event… just the small voice… and it’s hoping you hear it enough to ask it to repeat itself louder so you really hear it. Still can’t hear all of it? It gets louder… This is a day like that. It’s subtle, so be a little extra aware and be understanding of those who are under these effects and see if you can help them out of it. You will also be empowered this day if you can focus your energy on accomplishing tasks, wrapping things up, organizing and especially, helping others to accomplish something by supporting them. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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