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You, mixed with me, mixed with others, IS how we make it

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You, mixed with me, mixed with others, IS how we make it

Today, find your special-ness (again).

We are programmed to minimize our qualities, our special gifts in order to fit in from an early age. Then later in life we are told that we should find what makes us special so we are confident and can go out in the world and make our way. Rekindling the beginner’s mind that allowed our talents to unfold and blossom… can seem an impossible task. But it is the reason you’re here. And recognizing what makes you special is why you are here… and you are to share it… which is why you are here… because you, mixed with me, mixed with other talented people is how we make it. We all need someone to teach us what we don’t know. We all need someone to lift us at some point in our lives. We all have the drive to offer ourselves of service when it seems right. When we work together for a common purpose, there is little that we can’t accomplish together. It’s in recognizing how each of us is special, that shows us how each of us have something to contribute. It’s why we’re here. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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