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You have to be ready to be shown

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You have to be ready to be shown

Today, you have to be ready to be shown.

An opportunity for you to shine is being offered. It means you’ll need to be creative. To see things from a different vantage. It means you’ll need to be steadfast – and this is the hardest part because even though you’re looking for someone to validate you, it’s not there right now. You have to follow what you’re being told and that means others may not understand you at first.

This isn’t negative and you shouldn’t be feeling negative. You should be solving for “x”. That’s what is required. A focus on answers, not “how and why are we here.” When you commit and it’s really not about choosing one thing or another it’s about letting go and saying, “show me”. That’s when it’s real.

When you allow all of you to relax and you’re open and you’re still… and you say, “show me”… and you’ll be guided… and then you have to stay true to what you’re shown. Believe in what you see as a real opportunity now. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love 🙏

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