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You have to be ready to do something with it when it’s pouring

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You have to be ready to do something with it when it’s pouring

Welcome! Thank you for watching Today’s Energy Reading, and we hope you find something helpful you can use on your journey 🙂

Today, like concrete.

When concrete is being poured, you have to be ready to do something with it. If you’re not, the concrete will be uneven, lumpy, with air pockets, and some places will be strong and others weak. You don’t show up and just let it flow out and do nothing. You direct it, you work with it, and you help to spread it to make it even. Today’s energy is a lot like concrete. The energy is dense and flowing and you have to engage. You can’t just wait to see what happens – you have to have your hands in it and be aware so that you have some say in how and what direction the energy will be used. If you take the outflow and watch, it’s going to be a mess for you and everything around you. Today, in spite of a lack of motivation or a belief things will not change, you still have to try as if it will. It’s in moments like these that courses change. Go ahead and set your intention now. Much love.

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