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You have something special to do

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You have something special to do

Today, get going again.

Wondering what happens next is natural. We spend a lot of time thinking and hoping that something out there will change things here. So we wait. We think that if not today, then tomorrow… and after a 1000 tomorrows – we’re still waiting. And what was happening while you’re waiting? What were you doing during that time? You see if you don’t take the steps you need to move from there to here or to leave here for there… then you’ll always be waiting for something you’ll never receive. Security can only be found on the inside of you, not from the outside. Acceptance has to start with yourself before you accept others. No one shows up to make things right for you… except you. Today, is a good day to remember you are special and have something special to do. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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