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You do not belong there which is why you can’t stay

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You do not belong there which is why you can’t stay

Today, something to move you on.

It’s easier to bring the negative with you when fall into patterns. If you are saying something to yourself repetitively and it makes you or keeps you feeling bad, you’re ready for something else. Of course you know that… these type of feelings separate you from yourself, others and Spirit… and we are at our weakest, when we believe there is no one or nothing here for us. That’s why you can’t stay in this space forever. Something or someone always brings an event that moves you out of this space. You do not belong there which is why you can’t stay. You may have visited frequently, but especially now, you recognize that you can’t keep coming back to this issue… and that’s all you need. Accept there is something more for you and don’t think on how it will manifest. Break the pattern by not doing it when it comes up. It sounds simple and it is… because it’s time and you’re ready. So don’t add energy there. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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