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You can’t know the result until after it’s happened

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You can’t know the result until after it’s happened

Today, you just need to do it.

We are in a time of transition, when systems will be forced to change and us along with it. It’s a reflection of our growth as a species and the opportunity for some of us to move up and out. Through cosmic changes, the earth undergoes waves of energy that cause an awakening and raise consciousness for some of us. The switch comes on in us, like a hidden memory activated, and once that happens, you can’t unsee what you see. If you are failing to act on what you should be doing… the idea will be there always and you will continue to be at dis-ease, until you do act. There is no more time to debate internally with how you should do it and how this is going to work it out for you. You just need to do it. Focus on that. It will be better than ok. You can’t know the result for you or someone else until AFTER it’s happened. That means you have to do it first. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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