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You are needed

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You are needed

Now more than ever you are needed. You may even find you’re being asked to “do this” even though you have stopped being part of that… or communicating with those people. Because you’re not part of it anymore (which was your choosing)… is why you’re being asked to come back for [ you fill in the blank ].

In the past, you would have automatically rejected any relationship… but now, even though you still don’t want to be involved and are beyond it… because you are… someone may need you to show them how. The funny thing is, after all that’s occurred, you’ll still consider if you can be of service here…. and you should. You are a good person. You are living your practice 👍

However, it’s also ok to not want to and it doesn’t mean you will help out… only that you will consider it and you’ll determine if you can bring some love, peace, intelligence and understanding to the circumstance. If you can’t bring something positive – you don’t need to be there. If you can – well, that’s up to you what you do with what you’re being told. Only you know the answer there – but that is where you get it – from Spirit and not yourself, because you don’t know all the possible future outcomes from your involvement – so don’t try to divine that.

You’ve done the work on you. You have some big muscles now… so you will be asked to lift something heavy – right?! Much love to you and yours 💖🙏

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