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With some practice, you’ll discover something positive

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With some practice, you’ll discover something positive

The energy is like a door that can swing both ways. If you’re not holding your space, you’ll become a receptacle for what’s flowing. This is extremely tough if you are basing your vibe on the vibe around you. The only way for your stability, is to create your genuine, positive vibe. There is balance here in the 3D… so when a ton of people are syphoning on what’s negative, there is ton of available positive waiting for you and the few others that are in that space.

A simple way to bring yourself into more positive, is choosing the words you share. With practice, you’ll be able to see and describe something that is positive, in a bucket of not so. It will influence your thinking automatically and with some intention, you start praying good stuff while you’re at rest.

To be clear, I’m not describing lip service or a clever spin on something that’s not positive. I mean you’ll discover what’s real… and also positive, when you look for it.

It’s hard to do… but it is your job… and why else do you think you’re here? It’s up to each of us to learn how to find our way into what’s positive and already there, waiting for us. Something to think about and try 🙏 Much love 💖

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