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Why it’s being brought to the surface

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Why it’s being brought to the surface

We are in the last phase of the Moon cycle (last quarter moon) moving toward the New Moon – so the energy is about removing your shadow. The only way you do that, is to look deeply at what is causing you dis-ease.

You can’t stay in love, in anger, in sadness… 24/7. It is not possible. Your being-ness encompasses all of these and more emotions, along with your mind, and ultimately, your will. These are waves. So all come with high and low points. It is also not possible to eliminate all negativity from your plane of existence.

We live in a dualistic system. One side produces and destroys the other – while it’s opposite is also doing the same. This back and forth is the flow – is the medium in which we’re enveloped. So when we are triggered it is these energies locating the same frequency in us, and it’s brought to the surface.

Don’t force it back down, look at it, examine it with your head and heart now and see if it’s still true. If you keep looking/feeling these hurts from the past, you won’t be able to solve and dispel it. Your past perspective prevents things from evolving and growing because it’s trapped by the box you’ve put around it – which is why it’s being brought to the surface now to be released.

Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love 💖🙏

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