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Why hasn’t the energy popped yet?

Why hasn’t the energy popped yet?

For your energy reading today… I was recently asked, “How is the energy building and building… and yet no explosion/implosion, etc…? At what point is enough and something happens?”

Because energy moves like catching water in buckets.

As the energy pervades – it’s distributed through a vast quantity of different mediums which are transmuting the energy in each of their ways. This includes all life and also, all materials.

So as one medium fills up, it pours out and over another medium, until that’s filled up too, and that one pours out… and so on. All the different mediums handle and process the different types of energies at different rates too.

Energy can also be maintained, managed and directed so that it stays at a certain level and pointed towards a particular goal too. This occurs in your self at the individual level as good and bad energy based upon your intent… and also in bigger groups, by use of vibration and frequency that correspond to, and bring out certain responses. That means you have cosmic forces and natural energy occurring and in cycles bearing down… and then also, the use of that energy for certain purposes by those in control.

So that’s how energy that is building and building… and is not “popping” yet.

Something to think about and it’s also a reminder to align and source your intentions from self AND Spirit. That’s your connection to what’s real and gives power to your capacity to rise above. It’s what’s behind your practice and shows you there is something more than what’s here, that you’re a part of and an agent for.

Go ahead and set your intentions. Much love 💖🙏

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