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Why do you think you’re here?

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Why do you think you’re here?

If you’ve been wondering if you matter, if you are relevant, if your existence is somehow to the good… today, look and you’ll see. You’ll be shown in small and big ways how you being here matters.

We often hear that we’re spiritual beings having a physical existence as if they are separate. Vibration shapes form. Your being-ness is the manifestation of your energy in your body in this dimension. It’s not a mistake that you are here.

In fact, you ARE here at a time when one age ends and another begins. I do believe some choose to come here and I also believe some are sent.

You are living in transition between one belief system and another that is emerging. You are here when it seems there is nothing but uncertainty. You are here when what we see seems off and even unnatural. Why would you be here to experience this? To just suffer? OR something else?

Why do you think you’re here?

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