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Why all the uncertainty?

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Why all the uncertainty?

Today, the 2 You’s

There are 2 you’s The first you has its head at the top and feet at below like you’re standing. The second you is upside down, in opposite direction. Picture this, it’s like 2 arrows, one pointing up and another next to it, pointing down. So like a compass, both of these arrow heads are naturally attracted to those things in which they are pointed at… and at the flat end, they are repelling (or being pushed by) its opposite. Visualize this. So these 2 arrows, facing in opposite direction, are hit by electro-magnetic forces that adjust the direction in which both of these arrows are pointing… and if the forces are weak… the arrows don’t move much. And when the forces are strong, the arrows feel the strain and want to move as they are called to do. As you picture this, you can see if there were multiple forces… like planets, and as they orbit near and far from you, you would see how your arrows would be influenced. If your energy field came into contact with another person’s energy field, again, you would see your arrows would react. The 2 of you can only be brought into balance by you. And we start off naturally pointed and in harmony with everything. Only after living does the polarity of our arrows shift and our frequency becomes less and less compatible with higher intentions as our focus relies on and seats itself, in the material plane. Chaos is the master of the material plane. That is why the more in-grained you are here, the more empty you feel, and your arrows show you that. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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