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Where do you fit?

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Where do you fit?

Today, there’s only 2 groups.

We all are part of something bigger. It’s hard to really feel that way when we see how easy it is for humanity to be divided into groups. Most of these groups don’t have any real truths or substance – it’s just where the mob goes. It’s how we are controlled. There is always a sorting going on and you can choose where you end up or you can follow everyone else into whatever group is in fashion at the moment. There are really only 2 groups here that all groups fall into… light or dark. Ask yourself if the messages in your group exclude or embrace others? Ask yourself if the fruits of your group nurture or destroy? There aren’t any excuses or justifications when you ask simply, is love shared or restricted here… and it’s easy to see which side your group is on. A dark path never leads to light. You can’t fix darkness with more darkness. Choose to live in light. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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