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When the energy is thick

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When the energy is thick

Today, the energy is a solid line. It feels like there is constant pressure and we’re in the middle of a big wave, so we’re not feeling the up/down, more/less type fluctuations… it’s just there, pressing.

When the energy is like this, it means a lot of information is being carried in the stream, it’s dense, and so you may find yourself a bit in slow motion. You need to find the right cadence.

This isn’t the type of energy where you push forward… it’s like trying to run in wet sand… a lot of effort without a lot of distance, and you wear yourself out. This is about being the tortoise and not the hare.

Just because it’s thick doesn’t mean it’s bad or negative. It’s just the difference between swimming in yogurt instead of water. So be present. Be thoughtful. And go at a pace that allows you to process this and still be effective in the 3rd dimension. Don’t try to pack it in today. Tomorrow will be better for that.

Much love 💖🙏

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