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When it’s not you creating it, then it’s an outside force

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When it’s not you creating it, then it’s an outside force

Today, you are receiving.

A theme of heavy energy this week has for many of us been uncomfortable. Physically, cloudiness, body aches are more acute, and a general feeling like gravity has increased, and it’s harder to move your body. All of these symptoms combined lead to a lack of motivation and a slowing down of your projects. It’s resistance. So when resistance comes, and it’s not you creating it… then it’s an outside force that’s responsible. Once you are aware of that – you realize that you are receiving… Understanding that energy too has tidal forces, sometimes the tide is too strong and comes upon us. It takes a lot of effort for us to swim out of it, and we have to use the waves to get back towards shore where the tide can’t pull us out anymore. Today is the realization of this and also, that you’re getting closer to the shore… keep going you’re almost there. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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