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What’s unfolding?

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What’s unfolding?

When there are many things changing at one time – externally and internally… and things you can and can’t control are happening to you… understand what you’re being shown. One age leaves to be replaced by another. The process is an unfolding.

Before a new way happens, the old has to be brought to the forefront and all of its ugliness and shortcomings made apparent. The old has to be denied and rejected. The new is meant to resolve what was wrong with the old…

BUT – if the old and new are crafted in the same spirit – then the new becomes an extension of the old, not really something new at all.

So when you’re experiencing how this is unfolding, ask yourself if the changes are of a new spirit, or of an old one. Is it enlightening? Is it based in love?

Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love 💖🙏

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