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What’s happens for you on the full moon, starts now

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What’s happens for you on the full moon, starts now

When we’re approaching the 1st Quarter of the Moon – it looks to be split in half with light and shadow. This is the point energetically when you’re supported in your actions. It’s building energy that moves from potential to kinetic. You’ll find more impetus for your efforts if you are clear in your intentions. It also means more power for your creative ideas.

As we move toward the full moon (at 1st quarter, we’re halfway between the New moon and Full) – energy is expanding, growing and if not directed, culminates in a surge of power that calls up impulsive and reactive actions in ourselves that typically end negatively. But what happens for you on the Full moon starts now. 🌓

Use this time to anchor your positive wishes and intended outcomes. Use the energy to help you clear what blocks you from coming from a loving space. The Moon can help you open the doors to your heart if you are aware. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love 🙏

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