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We’re ending a cycle this month

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We’re ending a cycle this month

Hi everyone 🙏 Wishing you good juju as we move toward the full Moon. Usually when we’re at this stage of lunar cycle, you’ll be experiencing a greater force from the Moon and it’s persistent and pervasive. You’ll also notice how other cosmic forces like planetary alignments seem to further exacerbate the heaviness and power of the Moon during this time.

This is a time to keep your hands on the wheel. Follow the road – you have already chosen this direction so don’t worry if you’re going right… but do keep going.

We’re ending a cycle this month that started in September 2020. So with the full Moon, we also have the ending and beginning of this new energy cycle. There is still going to be a “pop” in February… and then the next cycle is about 2 years – so what you have outlined for your self and the intentions you have planted over the last year, are being harvested over this next 2 year cycle. 💫

So we’re in for a bang this month, then after, a time for putting pieces together again, and then another bang (at the end of this next 2 year cycle). When I am sharing this information with you, how does this feel? Can you connect the energy inside you with the energy of what’s occurring outside of you? Look at what I’m mapping out.

So inside a larger, cosmic cycle, there are also other “mini-cycles” happening concurrently, all independent and yet all connected. For this message, the energy cycle of September 2020———-February 2021 will have a huge effect on the next cycle of February/March 2021———March 2023.

How can you apply this information? Right now and for the next 4 months, be like birds right before they are hatching. They and their partner look for a good nesting spot… then build it, then lay eggs and manage that until they hatch. So invest in, and build up where you want to be, and nurture that, until what you have put into place comes into being. Keep your awareness in February – come back to love, openness and letting Spirit lead when you feel alone, lost and uncertain. Believe in you and that you being here matters, even when you don’t see how.

For those of us still with a soul, we have been here before, make sure you take your soul (and keep it) with you this time around too. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love. 💖🙏

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