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We want to feel safe on the inside

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We want to feel safe on the inside

Today, the help you’re looking for.

We all need help sometimes. We reach out for some guidance, hope, understanding, and security. We want to feel safe on the inside. We want to know that we are on the right path, even though it’s hard. We want validation. We want to know the truth deep inside, even if it turns over everything we know right now to be true. So when you feel alone, lost, uncertain about so much in your life, know that what you really want is worth it and there for you. You’ve had it in moments which is why you long to go back to it. It means that it is possible because you have felt it before. It means that all you really have to do is want what’s best for you and all that’s around you – and that will create space for the help you’re looking for to come in. So go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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