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We learn we can influence what we attract and repel

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We learn we can influence what we attract and repel

Today, this is how cycles are broken.

It’s thicker on some days. Energy has a density which is why sometimes you can really feel it… when it’s heavy, like at a funeral, or super high, like at a concert. Sometimes you might find yourself smiling because everyone else is. That’s an energy… it’s not only about visual ques… to sustain an energy, it has to be added to. We do that automatically when we come into contact with any force. As energy fields overlap, the bodies attract or repel each other based upon their polarity. But if you aware, the event is not a reaction like I just described… but a transmutation of the energy. So we learn that we can influence what we are attracted to and what we repel. This is how cycles are broken. This is how we break negative patterns. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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