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We have a shared calendar of events

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We have a shared calendar of events

Today, divine timing.

We think of a calendar as something fixed that everyone subscribes to. And yet, there are many calendars developed by many cultures. All calendars are based upon the Sun or Moon or both. This seems natural since certain signs foretell of cyclical events and the seasons of life. But we all, through our DNA, are aligned to a shared calendar… which is based upon an electro-magnetic frequency. This resonance is what reminds us of big changes even when they aren’t apparent yet. When large events are on the horizon, this mechanism goes off in many of us, like antelope at the water’s edge who raises its head first ,and runs first, and the others follow when they run away too. That’s the energy right now. If you’re feeling it… listen to what it’s telling you. You’re being asked to remain aware. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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