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We are co-creators with the forces around us

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We are co-creators with the forces around us

Today, what makes us special.

We miss a lot of the small changes happening around us. We have been programmed to wait for something dramatic. Change is a process born from many reactions. A reaction is an action or feeling in response to a situation or event. As many small reactions occur, our energy field is affected. Without awareness, those frequencies can shift our entire makeup negatively. So when you go through periods of time when you’re in a rut… it’s because you are operating from a frequency (an approach, view point, or belief system) that does not resonate with your true self. Once you change how you’re feeling the way you are, you leave the rut… and we talk of how things are “turning around”. We are co-creators with the forces around us. That is what makes us so special. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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