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Universe is taking this away from you – let it

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Universe is taking this away from you – let it

Today, you can’t take this with you.

The flow right now tells you that all of your main issues that have to be flushed out are coming to a head. It’s going to be added pressure too until you resolve and dispel them. You don’t have a choice, because these hurts can’t go with you. They aren’t supposed to. You might think of it like you’ve graduated and you no longer have to take that class you hated. What if it just stops for you? What if whether you could tackle this yourself or not, it stops? Why must you bring these issues back by trying to make them fit into what you see today? And it hasn’t been a natural fit either, so you know something isn’t right. These feelings are all tied together in you, which is why you’ve felt so disrupted, overwhelmed and full. So the good news is, this stuff is departing like you’re moving away from this galaxy… Universe is taking this away from you. But if you call these issues back, they are coming hurtling back like a comet at you. One way or the other, you can’t take this with you. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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