Today, surrender with trust.

Have you ever been caught in a rain storm while out in the open? No trees or rocks to provide a break, you just have to weather it until it’s over. The only thing to make this experience less miserable, is how you approach it and relate to it. Inside you know it will be over soon, and so in preparation, you focus mental attention to what you’re going to do when it stops, or to the warmth of the sun when it pops back out to dry everything… for now, it’s not helpful to focus on the rain.

Today, accept the situation for what it is. Let go of how things should be. Once you surrender with trust, the rain will depart. Go ahead, and set the intention now.

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I am a psychic empath… an intuitive, teacher, guide, and energy reader. What flows through me comes from Spirit. Bring an issue, a feeling, a problem, challenge, or question… and then I share the messages I receive and what I’m reading… to provide understanding, healing, validation and guidance.

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