Today, moon energy.

When a full moon occurs, you are receiving and gaining access to energies at their fullest… And now, as the full moon begins to wane, those energies decrease in vigor and power and become weaker until we reach a new moon. So what replaces or fills the vacuum left by the diminishing moon?

There is just as much happening in an exhale as an inhale – and with different functions and purposes. These forces are bound to each other and exist only because of each other. What could this mean for you? Much love.

Each day, David takes an energy pulse and provides a message on working with that energy for the day. The Daily Energy Readings are inspirations to help guide you in your spiritual practice.

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Thriving in the 3rd Dimension:
I am a psychic empath… an intuitive, teacher, guide, and energy reader. What flows through me comes from Spirit. Bring an issue, a feeling, a problem, challenge, or question… and then I share the messages I receive and what I’m reading… to provide understanding, healing, validation and guidance.

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