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Today, lift the nearest person up.

Today, lift the nearest person up.

Today, lift the nearest person up.

If you can imagine the human race all in one room with a radio going… everyone hears it… but you find that very few hear everything that’s playing… and most, only hear fragments. What if it was each person’s job to help another hear more? As each person grows, so does the collective. What if the lesson of the masters is that YOU must hear truth and choose it in order for the world to change – that it is our individual responsibility to lift the nearest person up – instead of waiting for something or someone to do it for us.

Today, lift the nearest person up. You will see how your simple act of love will create more. Go ahead and set the intention now.

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Thriving in the 3rd Dimension:
I am a psychic empath… an intuitive, teacher, guide, and energy reader. What flows through me comes from Spirit. Bring an issue, a feeling, a problem, challenge, or question… and then I share the messages I receive and what I’m reading… to provide understanding, healing, validation and guidance.

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