Today, it’s about your spiritual authority.

Sometimes you’re feeling really awful about things… even when you don’t have a reason for it personally. It could be a thought, a person’s interaction, a place… and somehow, a triggering occurs within you… and the dark feelings begin. The mind uses these negative feelings to create and build more stories which fuels the negative energy building in you. Because we’re heading into a new cycle in just a few days, for many this negative energy has become a concerning focus. Do not believe what your mind says. Because if you’re not in control of your mind… then who or what is? Instead, when the feeling first emerges, find the trigger and only address it… not all the other data that is used to keep you distracted and in dis-ease. When you claim what’s yours and resolve it, is when you claim your own spiritual authority… and your spiritual power grows. Go ahead and set the intention, now. Much love.

Each day, David takes an energy pulse and provides a message on working with that energy for the day. The Daily Energy Readings are inspirations to help guide you in your spiritual practice.

Today, where to find your spiritual power.

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I am a psychic empath… an intuitive, teacher, guide, and energy reader. What flows through me comes from Spirit. Bring an issue, a feeling, a problem, challenge, or question… and then I share the messages I receive and what I’m reading… to provide understanding, healing, validation and guidance. ~David

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