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To see what we’re being shown

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To see what we’re being shown

Today, re-examine what’s being brought up.

Many times we’re thinking we’re not getting what we need. From that perception of our life, it seems that more and more of what we experience leaves out those things we’re really wanting to feel. And so one cycle perpetuates the next and so on until one accepts it or you break the cycle. To change direction means you’re saying that the unknown offers you more than what you already know. So when you’ve become in-grained in a certain form of living and it’s in contrast to your right direction, the Universe, through all of the energy fields, act to change your frequency and bring you to action, particularly if you’ve accepted something as real that’s not anymore. This is what it means when I say the Universe is squeezing you. It puts you into a condition where you have to re-examine what’s being brought up. This is the free-will part. If we see and hear what we’re being shown, we choose to make a change or continue to feel the effects of this force on our lives as an opposing force (which is keeping you in suffering). It always hurts a tiny bit when you take the band-aid off… Go ahead, and set your intentions to be open to what you’re being shown. Much love.

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