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This is why you naturally have a practice

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This is why you naturally have a practice

Today, where your dot is.

If you can think of a rainbow and imagine that each colored layer represents an energy stream… so based upon your personal vibration… imagine a dot somewhere on that rainbow – where would you be? Would you be up top and to the right, or lower and left? Where your dot is represents what energies you would be experiencing. This is how law of attraction really works consistently. This is how you get into a lucky streak or in a rut. But none of these spaces are permanent because your dot is in a constantly moving soup of energy waves. This is what the ancients depict in the art, teachings and symbols we have rediscovered. The esoteric teachings show us how to recognize these energies and then work with them so their influence changes us for the better. This is why you naturally have a spiritual practice. This is why I share mine with you… practice and share yours too. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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