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This is praying consciously

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This is praying consciously

Today, with a new Spirit.

It’s becoming apparent to many of us that we have to get moving. You may have been putting off that “thing” you wanted to do, but just haven’t been motivated. You may have to switch jobs and switch some of your friends. The sorting is happening and everyone is moving to their resting position for the next several months. So it’s really important that you’re trying to clear yourself of the old stuff and be open for the new.  You need to come at things with a new Spirit. Zen Buddhism calls this “shoshin” or “beginner’s mind” and today you need to use it. As you think clearly on what you want, picture what you would feel like if it were true and in your hands now. This takes practice so don’t be frustrated if this takes you a few times. In that feeling place, stay with it as long as you can. Sometimes it comes in a super fast burst, at other times and for other things, you can stay with it for a few minutes. Try to record that feeling inside you so when you become unsure, you have that feeling to remind you. This is praying consciously. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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