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There’s enough good and abundance for everyone

There’s enough good and abundance for everyone

The general vibe going on has 2 pathways. For some, the energy reveals a calmness settling over as your goals come true. For the 2nd group, it’s about truth coming to light and the unravelling of matters.

As funny as it sounds – both can and ultimately are, really positive. For the 1st group, you’re realizing the start of some of the abundance that’s been waiting on you. For the 2nd group, it’s about changing those things preventing you from the abundance that’s yours and waiting.

I bring this up today because many of you are feeling this and it can be confusing and that you’ve wasted time and effort because now it’s coming undone.

Unlike the dogma of scarcity we have been programmed to believe… there is enough “good” and abundance for everyone. We just don’t ask for it enough… and sometimes when we try, we have limited success because our want is real, but the intention is not.

Intention is the key that opens the door of your being-ness. When your intentions are “good”, your electric signature shifts even more positive and magnetism responds and shifts to match. It’s when you receive outside stimulus that’s in opposition to your magnetism, the automatic response is that you shift down to reach equilibrium. It’s with you practicing your practice, is how you learn to stop shifting down when you meet an opposing energy field

I want you to know that you are doing it well. Keep going. There is a bigger life cycle occurring and everyone is responding in kind. So it’s not about being a permanent light fixture, that you’re always on. With your practice, over time, you shine brighter and brighter. You will always have room to grow. You have already come so far.

You have a mission, that’s why you’re here right now… to bring more love into this space. That means as you learn how, you can bring more and more of it. Start now, and love your self first. You deserve it. Then share that feeling you have with others. Set your intentions now. Many blessings 💖🙏

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