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There is still a lesson for us

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There is still a lesson for us

Today, bring yourself back.

It’s just that we forget our selves when we’re confronted or surprised by events which happen to and for us. Sometimes we’re not the object of the lesson, even though there are challenges to overcome. Sometimes we are the reason for the lesson and we relive events in different ways until we come to terms with it. Whether we are or are not the object for the lesson, there is still a lesson for us. These lessons, once we understand them, shift our vibration positively. Sometimes we’re quick learners…at other times, we’re not. We also forget when things are going good some of the habits or routines that helped cause things to be good… and that’s when things go bad. Today reminds us that we shouldn’t let events lead us away from what makes things good for us. Bring yourself back. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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