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There is always someone else at the place where you are

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There is always someone else at the place where you are

Today, we’re in it together.

A lot of people are asking why does it feel like we’re in a push – pull type process right now? So things are going, then they stall for 2 days, go again, etc… It’s like that in work, your house, relationships, all of it is affected by this energy. What makes it harder is there isn’t really a rhythm to it either, because you can’t rely on what it’s going to be like from one day to another. So be assured that you’re tapped in… there is something going on with the energy of now. We are transitioning from one age to another. If you think of it like a car that loses power and rolls to a stop. Everything in and associated to that car is affected. One age is ending and as the power of that time is diminishing, there are consequences as one system breaks down for the next. I want you to know this because this is a special time and we are here together in it and sharing in what we’re learning from it. There is some beauty in that because there is always someone else at the place you are who can be taught or teach you. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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