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The space is yours

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The space is yours

Many blessings! Today’s energy is malleable, easy to break through. So what that means is your power is much greater than the forces around you. That’s a really great thing for establishing your plans, doing foundational work – inside or out, weeding your garden, making changes.

Because there is little opposing force, it also means that because people are used to having to be more forceful, they may unintentionally still be pushing hard. It’s like when there are a lot of people gathered, and everyone is talking, so you have to yell at the person next to you so they can hear… and in the middle of what your saying/yelling, everyone else stops talking, just leaving you and whatever you said out in the open! A little awareness for you and others will help. Don’t take people’s overaggressiveness personally now that you know 😉

Today, move through your day focused on what you need to get done and want to get done. You’ll find it comes easier for you today. If you hold space, the space will be yours. Make sure it’s a loving one 🙏 Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love 💖

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