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The past will stop showing up

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The past will stop showing up

Today, stop the words in your mind.

As you work out old, past stuff, you’ll find that small, subtle reminders appear to get you to fall back into the past. To take the trigger and build a story around it. Make sure as soon as you recognize this is happening… to stop. Stop the words in your mind – even tell yourself that “I’m not doing this again. This is has been resolved.” You might think, but if it’s coming up, then it hasn’t. When you have a deep hurt that you’ve previously built your world around and for a long time… you’ve built patterns and habits. It’s what athletes call muscle memory and it takes time to undo it. So when you find yourself bringing up this thing that you’ve already made your decision about… it’s a habit… and you can decide to change how you react… you’ll find that when you change that… the past will stop showing up. Go ahead and set your intentions now. Much love.

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